Viltė. I only care about those Blaugrana people running in the pitch. Very happy to share birthday date with Erik Lamela and Carles Planas. 2008-09 seson is the best thing that happened in this planet.
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if only Gotze’s finishing would’ve been better..



Nothing unites football fans more than the mutual hate for Pepe

and Mourinho

Messi to real madrid rumours

Anonymous said: could you please post a link to the pep guardiolas press conference where he talks about messi? i couldnt find it anywhere! thank you!


FC Barcelona 2-1 Athletic Bilbao
We won’t stop till it’s over
Won’t stop to surrender
FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona palette (inspired by x)

Gerard Pique appreciation post (゚▽゚*)

Anonymous said: so barca can buy players ???

well yes



there are pathetic teams and then there’s patetico

*pathetic team that is in the semis of the champions+leaders of the liga, very pateitco indeed.

Gerard Pique 14.04.22.

torreos said: i think he is bc he dressed one of his cousin in a barca jersey

and because this happened too